Welcome to my new website and blog. I am so excited to begin my newest adventure. Check in regularly for an eclectic assortment of goodies and recommendations. I will be searching and sharing exceptional content that I think is worth your time along with delicious plant based recipes, art inspirations, tutorials, free downloads and more.

I’ll be tweaking and updating the site in the coming weeks, please let me know if you find anything amiss.

To start off I am offering a free pdf download from my coloring book: Animal Friends. The lines are small so I recommend using markers with a fine point tip like these. Limiting your palette to a small group of colors helps create a more successful image. Here’s a link to a page on color theory. There are examples of beautiful color combinations shown on the right. Pick your favorite and get started!

Free Cat Coloring Book Page

Thanks for dropping in, hope to see you back again soon.

Xoxo Jill